Icon-painting secrets revealed at the workshop in Tsaritsyno

As part of the “Evangelism of Beauty” exhibition in Tsaritsyno, teachers from icon-painting schools teach the techniques of painting and gold-plating icons.

Among the quiet residential neighborhoods in the south of Moscow lies one of the most extraordinary places in the capital: the Tsaritsyno Estate. The estate’s museum attracts many Muscovites and offers a whole range of activities: from walking around the park to theme-based tours and unique workshops.

As part of the “Evangelism of Beauty” exhibition in the atrium of the Bread House, teachers from Moscow-area icon-painting schools teach the techniques of painting and gold-plating icons, along with the art of church embroidery.

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Victor Truskalov, a professional artist and teacher at the Saint Alipius of the Caves School of Icon Painting, talked about the creative particularities of the art in the first workshop. Afterwards, he showed the main steps of drawing a saint’s face. He emphasized that the art of icon painting is associated with spiritual life in Orthodox Christinaity, just as it was in past eras. He also explained the differences between icon painting and realistic secular paintings. In his examples of icons from different ages, he showed how the harmony of composition and color is achieved, thanks to which, the icon becomes an image of the heavenly world. During the seminar, the spellbound audience looked on as the face of Saint Nicolas of Myra, or Nicolas the Wonderworker, emerged from the master’s brush on to the paper.

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