Delicious Russia: Baked pumpkin with apple and honey

Halloween has come and gone, but you still have pumpkins lying around? Try baking the pumpkin with apples, nuts, honey, and cinnamon.
For 7-8 portions:

Pumpkin - 1/2 pc

Sour apples - 3 pcs


Powdered sugar

Honey - 400 g

Butter - 50 g

Ground walnuts - 100 g

Cream - 250 g

In Russia, pumpkins grow in abundance and are often used in cooking. Pumpkins begin to ripen in September. Because they store well, pumpkins are available all through the fall and winter.

People use them to make pumpkin soup and bake savory pies. But the tradition of using pumpkins in desserts came to Russia several centuries ago from Turkey.

Here’s how we make it: we take a pumpkin, wash it, clean it and take out the seeds and cut it into slices about 2 cm wide. We lay the sliced pumpkin and apples on an oiled oven tray and pour honey over it and sprinkle nuts and cinnamon.

Then we put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

To make the sauce, we whip cream with powdered sugar (add one egg white to make it thicker). And when it’s ready, we lay out the pumpkin and pour the whipped cream on top.

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