The evolution of authentic Russian fast food

Fast food in Russia is nothing new. Teremok, "Pobeda" and "Crabs are Coming" are good examples of fast food joints.

Fast food in Russia has made its first appearance in Soviet times. Back then, such establishments were named after the dishes they served: zakusochnie [snacks], pelmennie [ravioli], cheburechnie [meat turnovers], etc. In the 1990s, in the wake of McDonald's, Russia saw the appearance of fast food chains based on Russian cuisine. Kroshka-Kartoshka, Teremok, and Russian Bistro served traditional pancakes and potato dishes, successfully adapting the foreign business model of franchising to the realities of Russia.

They were followed by other fast food joints proposing new concepts and models. For example, "Crabs are Coming", a fast food brand offering king crab dishes, set about turning this delicatessen into affordable fast food fare. But there are also cafés on the lookout for inspiration from the past: offers visitors not only tasty vareniki [Ukrainian dumplings], but a chance to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and relish the high-quality fast food recipes of Soviet times.

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