The Chebureki, deep fried meat pies

RBTH and our cook Andrey Kipyatkov, are proud to present the new issue of our cookery video podcast Delicious Russia.

Chebureks are a traditional dish of many Turkic and Mongolian cultures. It is a half-moon shaped pie made from unleavened dough filled with ground meat and spices that is then fried in vegetable oil (according to modern recipes) or with mutton fat (if you prefer traditional recipes).

Sometimes, cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, or eggs mixed with onions and rice are used as a filling instead of meat. This dish is also quite popular among peoples from the Caucasus. And people in Russia love it, too.


Egg - 1 pc

Milk - 250 ml

Pork - 300 g

Beef - 300 g

Onion - 3 pcs


Frying oil - 1 l

Salt & pepper

Ideal Chebureki in 4 steps:

1) The dough. It should be thick. We'll let it sit for three hours, but don't forget

2) Start preparing the ground meat. 

We are going to use two kinds of meat for the ground meat: beef and pork, 
one kind of meat is leaner, while the other is fattier. 

We'll run the meat, mixed with onion, through the meat grinder. 

Add a little dill. 

To make the chebureks juicier, we add some water to the ground meat and get a nice broth.


Divide the dough into 6 equal pieces that we roll into circles 

We put a few spoonfuls of ground meat on the dough and fold it in half


Pour enough oil in the pan to completely cover the cheburek, then we put the cheburek in the oil. 

It should fry for 5 minutes, turning it a couple of times. Voila!

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