Behind the glass: Russian underground musicians

3 different bands from 3 different Russian cities playing 3 different genres of music. All on their path to glory.

In Russia, many opt for a career as a musician, and everyone tries to make it all the way and get heard outside of their local club, hometown, and country.

Moscow psychedelic rock band Void City Club has just started out on its path to glory, conquering Moscow clubs and recently releasing their debut album.

Music producer Yaroslav Kirillov and songwriter-vocalist Zmitrek Zhukovsky of St Petersburg electronic duo Sohight & Cheevy started writing music together only a year ago, but they are already lined up to appear in foreign clubs. But that is no reason to relax, because there is still a lot of work to be done, including recording their first album.

For Yevgeny Pozharnov (aka Proxy), collaboration with foreign producers has long been a reality; not only that, in the West he is better known than at home in Russia.

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