Delicious Russia: Eggs sunny side up for breakfast

Of course some people like omelets while others prefer poached eggs. If you’re having breakfast in Russia, you’re most likely to see eggs sunny side up.

Eggs are probably the most universal food. They include two separate substances: egg white and a yolk, both of which are rich in different nutrients and can be used to make a huge amount of unique dishes—from sauces like mayonnaise or hollandaise to omelets, frittatas and even desserts like meringue or custards.

It’s no wonder that every country or culture has its own preferable ways to use eggs in gastronomy. The French have their special way of making omelets, the Portuguese make their famous ovos moles and Mexicans are known for their delicious huevos rancheros. Traditional English breakfast also includes eggs. Tortilla de patatas in Spain, American egg salad, shakshouka in Arabic and Jewish cuisine, you name it.

Russians don’t have many well-known or classic egg recipes, but there are several popular ways to cook eggs in our country. For example, Russians really enjoy eggs cooked sunny side up. We usually add some other ingredients to the skillet along with eggs to make a dish called “yaishnitsa-glazunia”. The name can be literally translated as a “eggs eyes wide open”.

Here we make glazunia with onions, traditional Russian rye bread and Bologna sausages that are also very popular in our country. As you may remember, we like to put them in salads and soups.

Eggs - 3 pcs

Sausages - 2 pcs

Tomatoes - 4 pc

Onion - 1 pc

Borodinsky bread

Dill, parsley

Bunch onion

This is how we make it:

1) Slice an onion, some Borodinsky bread and some boiled sausages.

2) First, we fry the bread until it gets toasted. After that, we add the sausages and onion, followed by the eggs

3) While that’s frying, we’ll cut some herbs as garnish: parsley, dill, onion, and tomatoes

Done! It's easier than ever!

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