DJ Oguretz – village-style music? Balalike it!

RBTH presents a pilot edition of the new video format of Balalike it!

DJ Oguretz (Sergei Mezentsev) is a unique artist whose on-stage persona combines electronic music, biting humor, and the striking, inimitable image of a village musician with the ultimate dream of winning over the Moscow public. The DJ’s image is based on real items: old clothes that he himself wore in school, a provincial lifestyle, and no notion of what is considered fashionable and beautiful in the wider world. All this is reflected in Sergei Mezentsev’s video clips, which he directs himself and then writes music for the visuals.

Russia Beyond The Headlines presents a new version of the original Balalike it! podcast dedicated to music from Russia. Every two weeks, we will publish videos about young, up-and-coming Russian musicians. Each edition will feature exclusive interviews and live performances.

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