Zombie Fun-run in Moscow: Catch me if you can

Sokolniki Park in Moscow held its first zombie run.

On July 27, Sokolniki Park was the scene of the first "Enchanted run", a race for survival against zombies. Participants had to overcome a five-kilometer obstacle course and reach the finish line without being "eaten". Everyone could pick which side they'd be on, zombies or humans. Those opting to join the zombies had their make-up done at the race site, were given instructions, and hidden along the race course so they could later catch and "bite" runners.

Runners started the race in groups of 20 that took off in 2-minute intervals. They were tasked with running an obstacle course and remaining alive. Each runner had three ribbons that symbolized their health level attached to a belt on their waists. The attacking undead had to rip off one ribbon at a time. If runners made it to the end with at least one ribbon, they had survived the zombie onslaught. Speed was secondary to survival, although it was certainly welcome. The main goal was to reach the finish line, even if runners had to crawl to get there. Runners who ran the entire course and finished whole and unharmed won the race.

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