One can catch a worthy fish even in the smallest stream: True or not?

Russians love fishing. It’s thought that it’s possible to catch a worthy fish even in the smallest of streams. We set off to the Oka River to see whether that’s true or not.

Russia has a lot of places for fishing thanks to the fact that a lot of picturesque bodies of water are spread throughout the country, starting from small lowland and upland streams to strong Siberian rivers, from quiet reed ponds to big, deep-water lakes and reservoirs.

Every corner has its own unique nature, something it can be proud of. The waters of Karelia, the expanses of the Volga River and its many tributaries, and the lakes and rivers of the Siberian taiga are rightly considered to be some of the most scenic places with a rich variety of fish. Fishing trips to the Lake Baikal are very popular.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to travel that far which is why RBTH cast off to the Oka River, 150 kilometers from Moscow. Watch our video to see if we manage to catch anything worth eating!

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