Lula kebab for dinner at the dacha

We're continuing to explore dishes that are cooked at the dacha. Today we're going to prepare lamb lula kebab and potato lula kebab on the grill.

Lula kebab (from the Turkish 'lula' meaning 'pipe' and the Arabic 'kebab') is a meat dish widely enjoyed throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Balkans. Traditional lula kebab is made from lamb and onion. The lamb should be fairly fatty and a whole lot of onion is needed. Be sure to use lamb shoulder or breast.

As opposed to cutlets, lula kebab doesn't include eggs or bread. Only spices are added to the meat: pepper, basil, coriander (cilantro), and garlic. The minced meat should be thick enough to stay on the skewer and not fall apart on the grill. It's very important to chop and prepare the minced meat well. This will determine how tender the meat is. It's the hardest part.

How to cook lula kebab:

1) We'll start by making the minced meat. First, remove any sinewy tissues and skin from the meat. This is a very particular kind of minced meat. It's better to mince it on your own rather than using a meat grinder. You can use a machete to do this or any big, heavy knife. Even though it might seem strange to mince the meat with a machete, results are nearly perfect.

lamb meat - 1 kg

lamb fat - 400 g

potatoes - 1 kg

onions - 2 pcs

turmeric, cumin


salt, pepper, paprika

2) Now slice about 200 grams of fat from the lamb's tail. Picking the fat is rather difficult. The particular smell that causes many to not like lamb happens to come from its fat. We have to slice it in small pieces, approximately the way we chopped the minced meat.

3) Chop the basil and add it to the meat. If you like, you can replace it with cilantro. Add salt, black pepper, and paprika. The smaller the onion is, the better. Add it to the meat and mix it.

4) Shape this into a little sausage and then place it on the skewers.

We'll make potato lula kebab as a side dish for our lamb lula kebab.

1) After boiling and peeling the potato, run it through the meat grinder. If you just mash it, you won't be able to make a kebab.

2) Now cut the fat into little pieces.

3) Take a little cumin and mix it with a fork. Don't flatten the potato, just mix it. Roll it into a lula kebab and place it on a skewer.

Our lula kebabs are done. Enjoy your meal and your weekend at the dacha!

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