Michelin-starred chefs on Russian food

Famous Michelin-starred chefs were invited to the Russian Gusto gastronomic festival to teach master classes on new wave haute Russian cuisine.

Among them were Sicilian chef Massimo Mantarro (2 Michelin stars); Michael Greenwald, the founder of the Parisian bistro, Roseval; Josh Eggleton, who trained under Gordon Ramsey; and the Moroccan chef Noura Herrag, who has her own restaurant in Turin, Italy. We asked them what they think about Russian ingredients, what they like in Russian cuisine, and which food items caught their eye and will make their way into their future recipes. Pelmeni, kebabs, cold soups, feijoa, and beets both astonished and inspired them during their visit to Moscow, which was the first for many.

In addition, they gave lectures on the renaissance of the agricultural industry in Russia and created the opportunity for local farmers, restaurateurs and chefs to find each other during this difficult period of sanctions.

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