The noble nest: Leninskie Gorki, birthplace of the Soviet Union

The estate has existed now for nearly 200 years and seen many owners during this time. The estate bears the name of Vladimir Lenin who lived here for only about two years.

He started to come to Gorki after an attack on him in 1918. He loved spending the weekends here, but started to live here on a permanent basis in 1923 due to illness. Why did the leader of the world’s proletariat choose this place? Lenin picked Gorki for its nature (the pristine woods, Pakhra River, and even its own pond), as well as how well the estate had been preserved and its exemplary view. In addition, many aristocratic estates had been burned and looted in 1917.

The estate attained the image that it has today thanks to Zinaida Morozova, the widow of the industrialist and philanthropist Savva Morozov. Her second husband was the mayor of Moscow, Anatoly Rheinbott. The estate was reconstructed under the supervision of Fyodor Schechtel, the most famous representative of Russian modernism in architecture. The estate’s large orchard, however, was destroyed during the process. The estate’s interior set-up didn’t change under Lenin. He lived in the same luxury as rich merchants before the October Revolution which raised many delicate questions after his death.

These days, the estate functions as a museum. In addition to offering tours around its permanent and temporary exhibitions, the estate also hosts concerts featuring instrumental music. There are also children’s recreational programs for toddlers and school-age children.


Practical information


Address: Leninskiye Gorki,  Moscow Oblast

Hours of operation

Museum: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Park: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

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