Coubs of the week: How to survive on Russian roads

A service called Coub, created by Russian IT developers Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov, helps to create loop videos up to 10 seconds long with a soundtrack. It allows old and new videos to be seen from a new angle and to find a new meaning in it. Once a week, RBTH selects the best coubs that depict Russian reality from a different perspective.
"What Russian does not like a fast ride?" It's in our blood to love the highway, speed and everything connected with it, including films and recordings from dashcams. Drama and comedy go hand in hand on the roads of Russia. No day is without incident. And dashcams capture the funniest and most incredible moments. RBTH selected the most interesting videos posted by users of the web service Coub, giving you a new angle on driving in Russia. Hit the road, Jack!

1. Movies about taxi drivers existed in Russia even before they became popular in France.

2. Even if you're stuck at a railroad crossing, don't get upset, just dance.

3. Now you know why Russian roads are bad.

4. Despite Russian roadlessness, you can still be happy.

5. You've probably already seen these guys, but you can’t get tired of them because they know how to pimp a ride.

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