Coubs of the week: Dance like Russians

A service called Coub, created by Russian IT developers Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov, helps to create loop videos up to 10 seconds long with a soundtrack. It allows old and new videos to be seen from a new angle and to find a new meaning in it. Once a week, RBTH selects the best coubs that depict Russian reality from a different perspective.

Here in Russia we don't smile at strangers much, but when it comes to dancing (especially with strangers), we can't hold back our emotions. You don't have to speak Russian to understand our body language.

First of all, choose the dance floor. The bigger, the better. This one is probably the biggest you've ever seen.

Dancing in the street Russian-style. Just two boys instead of David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

We bet you remember all those school dancing parties, but doubt you ever boogied like this:

Speaking of the good old days, this is what we call old school dancing in Russia:

Sometimes we want to get "Back to the USSR", but most of the time we just dance on the ruins of the Soviet Empire.

Sure, you can get carried away while dancing, but try not to lose yourself like this lady:

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