The Metropol hotel: A century of Russian history

The oldest hotel in Moscow, the Metropol, will celebrate its 110 anniversary this year. On the eve of the anniversary, RBTH invites you to have a peak at its amazing interiors.

The Metropol hotel is one of the Russian capital’s main attractions. It is a well-known five star hotel where famous artists and politicians have stayed at various times, as well as members of royal families.

"We've had important businessmen and heads of state. The presidents of France and Canada have stayed here. The leader of North Korea stayed here in 2001. We've also had the honor of receiving royalty. For example, the Queen of Spain, the Queen of the Netherlands, and the Duke of Luxembourg. The list is impressive," says Ekaterina Egorova, Senior Public Relations Manager at Metropol.

In its more than century-long history, the Metropol has always been at the center of events. Interiors preserved from the 19th century allow the hotel's guests to better feel and understand that history, as well as the history and culture of Russia as a whole. Today, the building of the Metropol hotel looks like a magnificent Art Nouveau era production.

It is one of the best hotels in the world as confirmed by its famous guests, the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Jackson and many others.

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