My life in Russia: Todd Prince from Brooklyn, New York

"My life in Russia" is a video blog about expats living in Russia. Meet Todd Prince, a banker and a photographer from Brooklyn, New York City, now living in Moscow.

Todd Prince has been living in Russia for almost 15 years. In 1999 he came to Moscow for few months to learn Russian for his graduate programme but changed his mind and stayed here for over a decade.

I had such a steep learning curve, I was learning so much not only about Russia but about myself. Besides Russia was going through this dynamic growth period, so many changes have happened. I feel like an eyewitness to historical events here

Todd started his career in Moscow as a journalist then moved to banking and photography. Now Todd Prince is working on his photo project “Shades of Russia”. Todd says this project is his attempt to show foreigners what Russia and Russians are like.

I thank God that I learnt Russian. Now I can travel all over Russia, and every time I travel I meet very distinct people. I get a chance to see what foreigner cannot see”.

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