Delicious TV: Russian pasta navy-style

Makaroni po-flotski (literally pasta navy-style) is a popular dish of Russian/Soviet cuisine and one of the simplest ever.

The only pasta dish to earn a place in classic Soviet cuisine is “Makaroni po-flotski”.

Boiled macaroni is mixed with fried ground meat and onion. No sauce (though you can add ketchup or whatever) and no special spices (just salt & pepper). Crisp and crunchy pasta for worldly-wise sailors.

Made with ready-to-hand ingredients (pasta, ground meat, onion), it’s one of those great “emergency meals”.

The dish became popular in Russia in the 18th century. Italian cooks shared the recipe, which was adopted for navy needs — easy, fast, cheap, made only with storable products. The meat could be replaced with tushenka — tinned stewed meat. After World War II, in the first years of poverty, the dish became popular among Soviet people.

Four steps to the perfect navy-style dinner:

We need ground meat- 300 g, pasta - 300 g, onion - 1 pc, salt, pepper

1) Cut the onion

2) Mince the meat

3) Put the pasta into boiling water

4) Fry the onion with the meat, add the pasta at the end. All done! It’s rough but rich, and the simplest way to use minced meat and pasta (even easier than bolognese).

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