My life in Russia: Vasily Kassab, The Global Citizen

Vasily Kassab describes himself as ‘Russian Syrian or Syrian Russian’. He was born in Latakia, Syria, graduated from the American University in Beirut, Lebanon, and started his career as a multidisciplinary designer in Milan, Italy. Vasily moved to Moscow 3 years ago, confessing that back then the city seemed exotic to him since he had never lived in Russia before.

Now Vasily is a creative director at a branding agency and an Arabic calligraphy enthusiast. Having a background in graphic design and a passion for calligraphy, Vasily founded the Arabic Calligraphy School in Moscow.

“We have people from different industries joining the course. Some of them want to study calligraphy for religious reasons: they want to know more about the visual culture they are learning about through religious texts; and some people are more into the arts: they want to know calligraphy as an art form.”

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