Some of the best RBTH videos created in 2015

If you didn't have enough time to watch all our videos in 2015, you have a chance to see some of the best ones now. Here is Top 13 RBTH videos of 2015. We can’t get enough of them, and hope that neither will you.
  1. Introducing RBTH Friendly Multimedia
  2. From Alaska to Siberia on a WWII-era airplane
  3. Genuine Russian chamber in a central Moscow apartment
  4. A modern knight’s tale
  5. Web-Doc: The memory of the Solovetsky islands 
  6. Explore SPIEF 2015 with RBTH
  7. My life in Russia: Joy Womack from California, USA
  8. Drone's eye view of Russia
  9. How I met my mother
  10. The Unknown War: Family stories of RBTH editors
  11. Delicious TV: The most wholesome vodka-based drink
  12. The art of being a Russian farmer
  13. Moscow street musicians

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