How-to Coubs: 5 conversations about vodka in restaurants

Learn to order vodka from Soviet movies

When you visit Russia, one of the first places you want to go is a restaurant. There is no restaurant without vodka, so RBTH collected five scenes from Soviet movies, where people order (or do not order) this much-loved beverage.

1. If you look at this character, it is better to order as much as possible. (Give me a complaints book, 1964)

- Would you like some vodka? (Водочки?)

- 4 half-liter bottles. (Четыре поллитровочки.)

- Some beer? (Пиво?)

- 9 bottles. (Девять бутылочек.)

- Of course, you would like some cheese with it? (Сырку, конечно, к нему?)

- With "tears". (Со "слезой".)

2. There are drinking traditions in Russia, but one must always follow his personal instincts.  (Queen of the petrol station, 1962)

- Can I have 100 grams twice in one glass? (Мне два по сто и в одну посуду.)

- It's against regulations to use one glass. (В одну посудину не положено по инструкции.)

- And one pickle, please! (И огурчик.)

3. It doesn't always end up in vodka. Choose some champagne for a change. (‘The Diamond Arm’, 1969)

- Is this wildfowl? (Это дичь?)

- It’s wildfowl! (Дичь!)

- You don't drink vodka with wildfowl. (А под дичь водку не пьют.)

- What then? (А что?)

- We should drink... (Пьют это...)

- I get it! I get it! Fedya, 150 ml of champagne and that's all! (Понял! Понял! Федя, еще по 150 шампанского и все!)

4. Never order just vodka, buy some appetizers. (The Twelve Chairs, 1976)

- Give us these sausages for 1 Ruble 20 kopecks and a bottle of vodka! That's all! (Дайте нам сосиски, вот эти вот, за рубль двадцать, бутылку водки, и все!)

5. If prices scare you, dance or drink some vodka. (‘Come back tomorrow’, 1962)

- What are these numbers? (А что это тут за цифры?)

- These are prices. (Это цены.)

- Prices? Let's get out of here! (Цены? Пойдемте отсюда!)

- Let's dance, Frosya! (Пойдем танцевать, Фрося!)

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