How-to coubs: 5 features of Russian military wisdom

Let Russian movies teach you how to be as wise as Russian soldiers

There is only one thing you should know about the Russian Army before Defenders of the Fatherland Day on February 23. Russian soldiers are not tough because of military training or physical strength, but because of military wisdom. It’s the only thing that keeps them alive and healthy. Just watch a couple of scenes from Russian movies.

1. That's the spirit!

- Commander, everything is temporary, but music is forever. (Командир, все – преходящее, а музыка – вечна.)

- We shall live! (Будем жить!)

- Off we go! (От винта!)

2. A real officer knows who a real man is, for sure.

- A real man is someone who loves all the people and respects all the people, and hates these people's enemies. (Настоящий мужчина - это тот, кто любит всех людей, и уважает всех людей, и ненавидит врагов этих людей.)

3. There is always good and evil.

- A knife is a good thing for the one who has it, and bad for the one who doesn't get it at the right time. (Кинжал хорош для того, у кого он есть, и плох тому, у кого он не окажется в нужное время.)

4. What is the Army, actually?

- Army is not just a good word, but something that one goes through in a hurry. Thus we won all the wars. (Армия - это не просто доброе слово, а очень быстрое дело. Так мы выигрывали все войны.)

5. Just a simple truth.

- Here someone is training to be evacuated through torpedo tubes. (А здесь личный состав отрабатывает аварийный выход через торпедные аппараты.)

- Will he manage to get in them? (А он туда залезет?)

- If you want to live, you'll get inside anything. (Жить захочешь, еще не туда залезешь.)

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