Cure for big city loneliness: An evening in Moscow's cat cafe

Cats & People is Moscow's first cat cafe. Providing a remedy for lonesome city dwellers, the cafe owners also help their pets find new homes.

A cup of coffee and sandwich is more fun if your table is surrounded by 20 fluffy tails. Spending an evening in Cats & People, Moscow's first cat cafe, is the perfect cure for all those tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

"People living in a big city lack warmth and simple honest relationships. The easiest way to get a dose of love and goodness is to spend time with a cat", - says Oleg Agranovich, partner at Cats & People.

The cafe functions as a shelter for homeless cats that customers and potential new guardians can adopt. And it works. You'll never find the same set of cats twice. 

Not everyone, though, is happy about a cafe that lets cats stroll around the tables. On March 25 the deputy of Moscow City Duma (the local municipal assembly) Zoya Zotova declared that cats should be banned from public eateries in Moscow. The cat cafe owners disagree and are ready to stand up for their rights. 

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