Age of Enlightenment: The Alexandrinsky Theater glows in the dark

The white nights in St. Petersburg haven’t begun yet, but the city is already glowing in the dark. This past weekend residents and tourists got a preview of how lighting can transform the classical appearance of the Alexandrinsky Theater.

The Alexandrinsky Theater was built for one of the first imperial theater troupes founded in 1756. Since 1832, the theater has occupied an Empire-style building on Ostrovsky Square built by Carlo Rossi. Rossi, a famous Russian architect of Italian origin, was one of those responsible for giving St. Petersburg its distinctive imperial luster. The theater and the square (at that time) were named after Empress Alexandra, the wife of Nicholas I. The Alexandrinsky Theater has been home to numerous legendary theatrical performances.

The light show that took place on April 29 is just the beginning of a festival that will last through the summer until fall.

The facade of the building has also become part of the scenery for the show. To create the atmosphere of the epoch, actors of the Alexandrinsky Theater took part in the show and read excerpts of the most iconic performances that have been staged there.

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