Vox pop: Back to school

On the eve of 1 September, RBTH asked parents and children about their expectations and preparations for the new school year.

In Russia, 1 September is also called Knowledge Day. It marks the start of the academic year for schoolchildren and students.  According to tradition, pupils line up ceremoniously outside the school, the "first bell" is rung, and the first lessons begin. It's an exciting and nerve-racking time for parents too, never mind the kids.

In the dying days of summer, we took a trip to Moscow's Lubyanka Square, home to Russia's most famous children's store, Detsky Mir (Children's World). That's where you'll find mothers and children in the final throes of preparation for the new academic year, buying up last-minute school accessories: exercise books, pens, etc. Anything that will come in handy.

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