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Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel on grocery shopping

Our new series “Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel” tries to unravel all the country's mysteries for the interested foreigners. This issue tells on the integral point of every Russian’s everyday life: grocery shopping at the one of the most common store chains: Pyaterochka.
By Tim Kirby, Nikolay Korolyoff

In the whole, store chains in Russia look much in common with those abroad. But they do have some signature features that remain a puzzle for any visiting foreigner.  What does the Russia’s most common store chain look like, how to shop there, how to choose the best products, what products to choose (and what you should never ever choose!), some price tips and more — we try to provide you with every useful tip.  Stay tuned and don’t forget to send us your questions: we are eager to answer them in our new series “Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel”.

March 13, 2017
Tags: Tips, Tricks and Travel

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