The world’s largest flower globe created in Russia

All continents and islands on this unique globe are made of living flowers

Early April in Moscow saw a new world record for the largest globe ever made out of fresh flowers and plants. The frame of the four-meter objet d’art is built of wooden structures representing the planet's seas and oceans. All the continents and islands on this unique globe are made of a wide variety of flowers.

The artwork was created under the supervision of Russian floral designer Araik Galstyan. A team of 20 florists worked for several days on the globe, which is made up of 4,000 wooden slats and more than 10,000 flowers. Galstyan says that the globe uses so-called “atmospheric” flowers: succulents and bromeliad plants, including more than ten species of orchids. They absorb moisture from the air and can last for a long time without watering,” he explains.

The record has been entered into the Russian Book of Records.

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