Putin orders FSB to set up system to detect, prevent computer attacks on Russian info assets

President Vladimir Putin has bound the Federal Security Service (FSB) to form a state system for the detection, prevention and mitigation of computer attacks on state information resources.

A presidential decree posted on the Internet portal of legal information on Monday says: "To vest powers in FSB of establishing a state system of detecting, preventing and mitigating the effects of computer attacks on the information resources of the Russian Federation - computer systems and telecommunication networks located in the Russian Federation and at Russian diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad."

At the president's orders, the future system will also make forecasts in information security, and organize the interaction of owners of information resources and communication operators in tackling tasks related to the identification, prevention and mitigation of effects of computer attacks.

The system will also perform the function of "controlling the degree of protection of the critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation from computer attacks" and identifying the causes of computer incidents.

The decree was signed on January 15 and enforced on the same day.

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