Three negative scenarios for Russia, one favorable presented in Davos - Medvedev

Russia gave the right impetus to the further development of relations with European Union countries during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told the NTV television station.

"In my opinion, Russia was the main guest at the forum's plenary session because the country's economic development was discussed there," he said. "Three complicated scenarios for economic development and the fourth - a favorable one - were presented at the session. The discussion was interesting. Interesting suggestions were announced there."

Medvedev said that the unveiling of these negative scenarios did not come as a surprise to him.

"First, these forecasts were not drawn up in Davos. It happened much earlier. I saw them. It is absolutely normal. I do not argue that we are somewhat willing to show maybe not only the positive aspects, as investors usually do when they visit other countries, but also demonstrate our problems. But it seems to me that, given the present situation, it is honest and, at the same time, we did not concentrate only on drawbacks," the prime minister said.

The fourth scenario presented by the Russian government won support from many analysts, Medvedev said.

"And I believe it is also important for the government what I said yesterday: such scenarios are possibly simulative and apparently they will never become a reality because they are what you call extreme. But they give good food for reflection as to what we should not do, what steps we should not take. In this context, I think, it is a totally honest and open position," the prime minister said.

Medvedev said he was not surprised by the results of the forum delegates' vote on the presented scenarios either.

"I was absolutely certain that they all would vote for that option because it was not just about state governance, but it also mentioned corruption, which is a highly relevant problem for Russia. It is also, if you want, a widespread topic today that is discussed when characterizing the situation in Russia," he said.

There is a need both to improve state governance and promote competition, Medvedev said. 

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