Meteorite explosion in Urals caused by Americans - Liberal Democratic Party leader

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and its faction in the State Duma, believes what happened in the sky over the Urals was not a meteor, but "a test of new weapons by the Americans."

"Meteors are falling. It's not meteors, it's the Americans testing a new weapon. [U.S. State Secretary John] Kerry wanted to warn, he was looking for Lavrov, but Lavrov was somewhere in Africa. He wanted to warn about such a provocation and that it could affect Russia," Zhirinovsky told reporters on Friday commenting on the recent news from the Urals regions.

Zhirinovsky said he does not believe that what has occurred is connected to processes taking place in space.

"It's some primitive tribe. What meteors? Nothing ever falls anywhere. Space is the Universe, it has its own laws," Zhirinovsky says.

Zhirinovsky believes it is done by "people, instigators of war, saboteurs."

Maxim Shingarkin, deputy head of the State Duma committee on natural resources, use of nature, and environment (Liberal-Democratic Party faction), told reporters there are no reasons for panic in Chelyabinsk and the situation is fully controlled by the Emergency Situations Ministry forces.

"Air samples have been taken. There is no radiation anywhere, there is no chemical contamination, no toxic substances have been found," Shingarkin said.

He also reiterated that none of the region's radiation risk objects at was hut and could have been hurt.

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