U.S. refusal to condemn Damascus terror act frustrating - Lavrov

Moscow is frustrated with Washington's refusal to support a UN Security Council resolution condemning a terrorist attack staged in Damascus on Thursday.

"It leaves us frustrated because until recently all members of the [UN] Security Council with no exception were always committed to resolutely condemning any terrorist attacks, irrespective of who staged these terrorist attacks, where and his motives," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference after talks with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi.

The Feb. 21 terrorist attack occurred near the Russian Embassy in Damascus and damaged the diplomatic mission's building, Lavrov said.

"Thank God, none of our citizens was injured, but there is a serious death toll among Syrians," the Russian minister said.  

Almost all members of the UN Security Council were ready to support a Russian proposal to condemn those who masterminded and perpetrated this terrorist act, but it was not done primarily because U.S. representatives were unprepared for it, he said.

"It was not the first time our American partners in the Security Council had refused to unconditionally denounce terrorist attacks in Syria, in fact trying to find some additional interpretations, which would justify directly or indirectly those who are fighting the regime by such methods," Lavrov said.

"I would like to remind you that when a terrorist attack was staged in Benghazi last year, killing American diplomats, the Russian side did not hesitate for a second to unconditionally condemn this act, without linking it with any events, including those that put Libya into its current state," the Russian minister said.

"But when the building of the Russian Embassy in Damascus was damaged in a terrorist attack, American representatives in the UN took up a different stance, calling for some balanced approach to condemning those who committed this terrorist act," Lavrov said.

"We view it as an example of double standards and a dangerous tendency of our American colleagues' disloyalty to the fundamental principle of unconditionally condemning any terrorist attack - a principle that helps maintain the international community's joint front in the fight against terrorism," the minister said.

Hopefully, Washington will be able to give an appropriate assessment of this situation, he said.

"We hope that Washington will treat this situation seriously and will analyze the reasons behind the U.S. representatives' unclear and unacceptable position," Lavrov said.

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