Some countries may deploy nukes in space on pretext of countering asteroid threat - Deputy PM Rogozin

A number of countries might consider deploying nuclear weapons in outer space on the pretext of countering the danger of asteroids, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.

"An undesirable effect of this might be that, under the guise of countering asteroids, some countries, which I prefer not to name, might use this as a pretext for deploying nuclear weapons in outer space," Rogozin said at a ceremony marking Fatherland Defendants' Day at Technology Museum outside Moscow on Saturday.

The currently available early warning systems, missile defense and air defense systems are useless in countering the danger of asteroids colliding with the Earth, he said.

"An absolutely different system for monitoring outer space needs to be created. However, you can monitor it endlessly, but the problem is, we need not only to learn but also understand how to counter this, while modern technology actually cannot cope with this issue," Rogozin said.

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