Political analyst Nikolai Zlobin sets up global policy research centre in Washington

A new research centre, which will deal with problems of global politics with emphasis on America, Russia and their bilateral relations has been established in the US capital. The Centre of Global Interests is the brainchild of political analyst Nikolai Zlobin who calls himself a Washingtonian with Russian passport.

He told Itar-Tass at the new centre's presentation on Tuesday evening that he has long been working "for two countries," feeling that he belongs to both and hoping that both countries will listen to him, the more so that he intends to place the emphasis on the things that not divide, but unite them.

According to Zlobin, undertaking this project he proceeded first of all from the assumption that "it is necessary to get rid of improvisation in politics," because there is too much of it currently ­ "both in America, in Russia and in the European Union," he believes. "There is no strategy, there is no strategic vision at all anywhere," he said.

The first concrete project of the Centre of Global Interests, as it was said at its presentation, will be the study of the experience of Russia's current presidency in the Group of Twenty. Former senior official at the US National Security Council and US Treasury Mark Medish is in charge of this work. The preliminary report is expected to be prepared by this summer.

Zlobin emphasised at the presentation that his centre will operate exclusively with private donations. He estimated its budget at about one million US dollars a year. According to him, for the next "year or two" the centre is provided with money.

First published in ITAR-TASS.

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