Poll shows most Russians do not dread repressions

Most Russians polled by the Levada Center stated that they are not afraid of any abuse of power by the government, world wars or natural catastrophes. Most respondents are, however, worried about the country's future.

The poll conducted by the Levada Center shows that Russians do not fear mass repressions (76 percent), criminals (81 percent), unemployment (76 percent) or death (72 percent); but 58 percent are worried about the country's future and their own future (59 percent).

The majority of respondents said they do not fear any abuse of power by the government or toughening of the political regime; they are also not worried about world war or natural catastrophes.

Furthermore, most do not show any fear of old age, disease or suffering, death, loss of employment or savings, poverty or public humiliation.

Meanwhile, 49 percent of people polled are afraid that their family members or children might fall ill, and 59 percent are worried and concerned about their own future.

In addition, most respondents (58 percent) are worried about the future of Russia.

Alternatively, thirty-two percent of Russians are confident of their own future and 29 percent were positive about the country's future, while the rest found it difficult to estimate.

The poll was conducted among 1,601 people on May 23–27, at 130 locations in 45 regions of Russia.

First published in Russian in RIA Novosti.

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