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All-new RBTH.Travel section: long-term vacations and weekend trips

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Moscow, Saint Petersburg and The Golden Ring are the only option presented to you by your travel agency you must be thinking there has to be more to Russia than this? Well, you would be right!

Russia Beyond The Headlines is launching the ultimate Russia guide – RBTH.Travel.

With options ranging from must-see destinations to “enter if you dare” tours, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Updated daily, RBTH.Travel offers clear navigation with hundreds of photographs and multimedia, detailed practical information and a large number of stories from Russian and foreign travelers.

“On the one hand, our aim is to prove there is more to Russia than Moscow and St.Petersburg. On the other, we are showing the reader those two cities in a way no travel agent or guide is aware of.” - says Darya Gonsalez, RBTH.Travel Editor – “As for the practical side of things, RBTH.Travel saves you valuable time when planning a trip, covers a great amount of getaways and offers unique scenarios for any types of holidays.”  

If you are planning a short stay or a business trip, RBTH.Travel offers a series of materials entitled “A weekend in...”, which provide you with simple step-by step instructions on booking hotels, sightseeing, entertainment and places to buy unique gifts.

Each location is accompanied by specific information on whether foreign languages are spoken in the area, prices and the standard of services provided.

For those not sure about their exact destination, our Travel Planner will suggest the best itinerary for each season, region, mode of transportation and budget specified by you. Together with the large variety of articles and photo galleries focusing on each region, the RBTH Travel Planner is an essential tool for creating your trip.

All the available tours - eco-tourism, river cruises, Transsiberian, unexpected hideaways, as well as the most developed destinations are divided based on budget and type of travel (family/ couple/ business).

When trying to find the right destination for your aims and interests, whether its applying for a visa, booking a flight and choosing a hotel, packing your luggage or even partying and eating out - RBTH.Travel is ready to assist with any situation. If you cannot find the information you need, simply ask us in the Q&A blog and we will respond as promptly as possible.    

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