World’s first 3D musical to open in St.Petersburg

The love story of Pola Negri—the first European superstar in Hollywood, the conqueror of the hearts of Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino—will appear before audiences.

The musical "Pola Negri," based on the music of Janusz Stoklosa ("Metro"), is already in progress on one of Warsaw's stages. According to the advertising trailer, the thrilling possibilities of 3-D images in combination with real sceneries and live action should be expected: The play involves scenes with a crowd of many thousands in the streets, real planes and ships, and unusually rapid changes of setting. This is a show that has not been seen before.

The St. Petersburg premiere of "Pola Negri" will take place on Dec. 18, and there are plans to show the sensational performance in Moscow, as well.

The show, which will be released in December in St. Petersburg, is not a mere repetition of the Warsaw show. According to the play director, Janusz Yuzefovich, a new play will be written (even changing its content), and the St. Petersburg premiere can rightfully be considered the world premiere.

The story is based on the love story of Pola Negri, the first European actress who conquered Hollywood, and the famous director Ernst Lubitsch, who emigrated to the U.S. from Germany. The action takes place in the 1920s, when the streets of New York were filled with jazz, swing prevailed, the Charleston was danced, and silent films gave way to the ones with sound.

Productions similar to the St. Petersburg project cannot be found anywhere in the world. The troupe managed to solve the puzzle of technology on their own and achieve the desired result. "With this projection, it is already unclear where reality ends and moving picture begins; we do not see this border,” says Yuzefovich.

“This is a great toy for people like me — those who are engaged in show business and create spectacles! Just imagine: Our Pola Negri will ride on the real streets of 1920s’ New York of the 20th century, and behind the wheel will sit the real Harold Lloyd!"

"Of course, this is a very expensive project,” says the director. “It requires the most modern equipment, the most advanced projectors. But the main thing is that it will involve the most advanced tool — our brain. This is where the two foggy images and live actors will grow to create a single space. And, believe me: The effect that we have constructed is much stronger than that of a 3-D movie. I have long wanted to put on stage ‘Master and Margarita,’ but have not dared. Perhaps I was waiting for this kind of technology. Now you can show a real fantastic Cat… Fiction is closely merged with reality."

First published in Russian in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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