Steve Wozniak: Russia’s future is in technology

In an interview with a Russian TV channel, the Apple co-founder spoke about his hopes for U.S.-Russian relations and the connections he helped establish in the 1980s.

Appearing as a guest on Russian TV channel Dozhd, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak took the opportunity to make some statements about Russia’s economic future as well as reminisce about satellite broadcasts he organized by the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

Wozniak said that Russia should pay attention to the development of technology, given the limited nature of natural resources. “Of course, it is important to act in such a way that revenues continue to come into the treasury, but anyone with a brain understands that natural resources run out and there is a need for a backup plan,” Wozniak said.

“Technology – this is a good direction for the development of Russia,” he continued. “Investments into it should be encouraged; everyone is aware of the many examples of successful technological development of Russia.”

Wozniak noted that developing new industries takes time and patience.

"Of course, it will not happen right away,” Wozniak said. “Let's say you are producing some category of goods that are ok. But then – you come up with something amazing, something that is needed around the world. And then your country can become a real global economic force.”

Wozniak also commented on the current political situation between the U.S. and Russia. "I was very happy when I saw that our countries are taking steps to work together. Communism fell and it was very important to Americans,“ he said.

Wozniak has hope for the future of Russia. "I'm sure that in a country such as Russia, the economy, welfare and lifestyle can be changed dramatically,” he said, adding that of course these changes would not happen overnight.  

Additionally, he hopes for additional improvements in U.S.-Russian relations. “I would like us to be even closer, wish that it would be easier to travel, no need to get a visas,” Wozniak said.

He noted that in 1980s, he organized "space bridges" - satellite broadcasts between the Soviet Union and the United States using technology that was created for lighting the Olympic Games.

"I liked the idea because people can talk to each other directly, and when there is such a direct dialogue, then you realize that all the propaganda of your government just worthless,” he said.

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