Bombsquare: Crazy Siberian marketing and the best way to kill friends

Bombsquare – Location based wargame for mobiles involves players into an addictive gameplay of competition for global leadership and powerful weapons mastery.

“Check in – or die!” – is kind of a slogan of the game. “Just imagine, your friend is sitting in the café, drinking his coffee and the next moment he gets a massage that you sent a rocket to kill him and if he wouldn’t check-out fast and check n in another place – he’ll get a massage that he’s dead. And so he could do in response”, - Roman Malakhov CEO at the ZOOM company explains to RBTH.

The game was highly praised by Peter Vesterbacka a Chief Marketing Officer at Rovio entertainment, the company that produced Angry Birds: “Wish you to continue in good manner. You’re guys from Siberia and you need your own crazy Siberian management”.

Russian game developers are going to attract about $500000 from investor in Finland, although they commented to RBTH that they can’t officially announce the Investor and exact amount of investments at the moment.

“The thing is that we couldn’t attract any domestic, Russian, investor because they do not invest in a project at a seed stage.  We didn’t look for foreign investor precisely”, - Roman Malakhov said.

Malakhov also added that although, the company found foreign investor, the team is going to stay in Tomsk. They find Russia a good enough for the business.

“Tomsk is our hometown, we like it and do not plan to leave it now. We hope that our investor will help us grow our project and make it internationally recognized”, - Malakhov explains.

Bombsquare is not the only product of the ZOOM company. It also develops new products and services for mobile, web and smart TV for several companies including those in US.

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