Clowns from all over the world at the Yekaterinburg Circus Festival

The sixth annual clowns' festival will take place in Yekaterinburg. The festival will be attended by clowns and clown teams from five countries. These are Bello Nock, Rob Lok, Paul Marocco and Ole + Lost Locos from the USA, Los Revelinos from Spain, Clown Francesco from France, Lieutenant Schmidt's Grandchildren, The Jolly Roger from Russia and others.

Alexandr Marchevsky, Director of the circus hosting the festival selected the participants personally. According to him, these clowns are aces of aces with a unique repertoire. Bello Nock is a big timer in America. He is not merely a clown, but a universal circus actor: he walks aloft on a high wire without a safety cord and demonstrates tricks around the Liberty Statue.

Rob Lok, who is from China, is not just a crowd puller, but also a famous peacemaker: he performed more than once at the barrel of submachine-gun and settled the Balkan conflict in the 1990s. Spanish Los Revelinos, Clown Francesco from France, Paul Morocco & OLE – the schedule of such megastars is planned 5 years in advance, but they pulled a week out of their schedule for the sake of performing in Yekaterinburg.

The clowns' festival is known all over the world today, and many wish to perform there. The list of overseas performers will be added to by Russians; Lieutenant Schmidt's Grandchildren duet and The Jolly Roger acrobatic duet.

Anatoly Marchevsky, festival arranger, a well-known clown in the past, Serge Veber's French prize laureate as the best comic actor of the year in Paris. He was also awarded with an Oscar in Brussels - the supreme award of the Belgium Royal Circus. He has been heading the Yekaterinburg Circus since 1994. Marchevsky will not perform himself, but speaking in private, promised he would appear on the arena to "goof around" in Cinderella's Fairy Ball New Year's performance (where he is the author and director). He will also present each performance at the clowns' festival.

Apart from foreign stars, young clowns from Yekaterinburg will appear - Marchevsky will conduct their examinations at his Khakhademia clowns' school. Clowns will receive a certificate allowing them to perform at any arena in the world. That will be of course not seriously, but just for fun.

Based on materials from Metro and Intermonitor.

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