Popular Alliance party says Guriyev took part in shaping its economic program

Prominent liberal economist Sergei Guriyev helped the Popular Alliance party to write its new program. The announcement was made by a member of the party's Central Council Vladimir Ashurkov at the party's founding congress on Sunday. "Economist Sergei Guriyev helped us to write the party program. We also invited experts from law enforcement, health protection, education and science," he said.

The key provisions of the party program practically coincide with the planks of the election program of opposition figure Alexei Navalny who is a member of the organizing committee of the Popular Alliance and the main contender for the post of chairman of the alliance.

The program of the Popular Alliance implies "amending the Russian constitution so as to reduce the powers of the president for the benefit of the powers of parliament, lowering the threshold for parties for election to the State Duma, reforming law enforcement and judicial systems." In the framework of the reform of law enforcement it is suggested to establish the municipal police - a provision that was part of Navalny's program in the Moscow mayoral election.

In the economy the party suggests reducing the share of the state in the economy, favors gradual privatization the receipts from which should be channeled to the pension reform. The party suggests keeping the social model of the state and favors free health protection and education.

The Popular Alliance suggests the introduction of visas in relations with Central Asian countries. "This will stop the flow of migrants and encourage Russian society to deal with its problems by itself," Ashurkov said.

The program was unanimously approved by party members at the founding congress. Guriyev took part in writing the economic section of Navalny's election program.

Guriyev who also took part in the expert study in relation to the Yukos criminal case left Russia last May fearing persecution by law enforcers.

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