GPS to continue operating in Russia

The Russian Federal Space Agency, Roskosmos, has announced that GPS stations will continue to operate in Russia under the existing agreements, but they cannot be used for military purposes.

Source: Artem Zhitenev / RIA Novosti

The Russian Federal Space Agency has taken action to prevent the operation of U.S. GPS systems on Russian territory for military purposes, a statement published on the agency's official website says. 

According to the official statement, GPS ground stations on Russian territory will continue operating under the existing agreements till August 31, but will not be able to be used for military purposes, to which end Roskosmos, together with the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, has taken the necessary measures. Roskosmos explained that these measures prevent the use on Russian territory of data from Global Seismographic Network stations operating on GPS signals.

Earlier statements from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to the effect that the operation of GPS stations in Russia would be suspended from June 1 have therefore not been implemented.

For his part, Rogozin explained that GPS stations on Russian territory were now under the complete control of the country's authorities. The measures that have been taken, he added, are fully in line with the interests of national security and at the same time do not affect civilian users.

"To clarify: There have been developed and implemented technical measures that prevent the use of these stations for military purposes. Now they are under our complete control," Rogozin wrote on Twitter. He also announced that Russia had initiated talks with the U.S. to discuss the deployment of GLONASS stations on U.S. territory. "The deadline is by Aug. 31. Thereafter new decisions will be taken," he added.

The news that Russia may ban the use of GPS on its territory first came on May 13, when Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin promised to suspend the operation of GPS stations on Russian territory from June 1 unless Washington agreed to deploy GLONASS stations in the United States. The construction of GLONASS stations on U.S. territory was halted after U.S. congressmen became suspicious that they might represent a threat to national security. 

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