Russia designs unique face masks to ward off Ebola

Rostec's Aviation Equipment Holding is set to deliver unique face masks to Africa for virus prevention.

Rostec's Aviation Equipment Holding is set to deliver unique face masks to Africa for virus prevention.

"The Textile Material Research Institute of Aviation Equipment Holding has developed and tested the protective masks. The masks have been presented to the Russian Defense Ministry's Main Military Medical Department for being tested in the Ebola-stricken areas of Africa," Aviation Equipment Holding General Director Maxim Kuzyuk said. He was quoted by the holding press service in a report seen by Interfax-AVN on Friday.

The innovative material the masks are using possesses bactericide and bacteriostatic effects which last for more than 360 hours, 180 times longer than in any of the existent counterparts. The microbe filtration ratio is 100%.

Masks are made of a unique chemosorptive textile material, which wards off microorganisms on its surface and suppresses their growth and reproduction. The masks can protect local residents from catching the Ebola fever.

Russian scientists visualize Ebola virus molecule. Source: RBTH

The individual protective mask consists of three layers. The upper layers are made of a synthetic spunbond nonwoven and the interior layers consist of the KTM-3 chemosorptive textile material. The new material boasts high sorption and filtration properties and the masks can efficiently ward off harmful chemicals and microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, and suppress their growth and reproduction. The individual protection means can undergo repeated washing (up to 20 times), the report said.

Diversified production is the central piece of the holding development strategy, the press service said. Aviation Equipment is the manufacturer of oxygen inhalers, Kashtan anti-shock costumes for pre-hospital aid, haemostatic equipment, endoscopic systems and other products, among them individual protection masks. The masks of the holding are supplied to a number of Moscow hospitals. They may also be used in fighting fires in the Moscow region.

"If the masks successfully pass examinations and tests, the holding will be ready to start mass production and deliveries of the individual protection means to the African population, rescue services and medical personnel operating in the Ebola-stricken zone in Africa," the holding press service noted.

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