Moscow slams EU's intention to expand sanctions against Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has harshly criticized a joint letter by European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso published in Brussels, which concerns new restrictive measures against Russia.

"In essence, the announcement of the upcoming expansion of the anti-Russian sanctions has been the EU's first reaction to the meeting of the contact group for settling the situation in Ukraine, which took place in Minsk the day before, and the agreements reached there, which make it possible to put the lives of all Ukrainians on the peace track," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary on Saturday.

"By doing so, the European Union has demonstrated that its leadership is still wandering about on the other side of the political looking-glass and is in fact sending a signal of direct support to the war party in Kiev, which is discontented with the Minsk meeting's outcomes," the Foreign Ministry said.

"Instead of feverishly exploring ways to deal a more painful blow to the economies of its members and Russia, the European Union had better take up supporting Donbas's economic recovery and the resumption of its activities," it said.

"As for a new list of the EU sanctions, if they are adopted, there will certainly be a response on our part," it said.


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