Ice, snow can't stop Russia's 'Christmas' humanitarian convoy to Lugansk

The self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) is fully prepared to receive the eleventh "Christmas" humanitarian convoy from Russia despite frosts.

"We are 100% ready to receive this convoy. Warehouses and access roads have been cleared of snow. Neither ice nor sudden snowfalls will prevent the LPR from receiving humanitarian cargo," the Lugansk information center has quoted Alexander Drobot, the head of the LPR reconstructions management center, as saying.

He said 55 trucks carrying food for LPR social canteens were scheduled to reach Lugansk on January 8.

In addition, Drobot commented on Ukrainian media claims of the alleged selling of humanitarian aid at LPR markets. "Such claims can be made only by people unaware of the strict control of the republic over the distribution of humanitarian aid. Moreover, law enforcement authorities and tax services have done checks on the orders from LPR head Igor Plotnitsky and not a single case of the sort has been uncovered," he said.

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's National Crisis Management Center head Viktor Yatsutsenko said earlier that the eleventh humanitarian convoy would comprise over 120 trucks carrying more than 1,400 tonnes of humanitarian aid, foodstuffs and baby food. The convoy is due to arrive in Donbas on January 8.

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