Russia ready to continue equal partnership in world - Putin

Russia is open to equal partnerships with all its external partners, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Russia is open to equal partnerships with all its external partners, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"Russia's choice is to be open to all its partners in the whole world who are ready to work with us on an equal and mutually profitable basis," Putin said at a meeting with top officials of the Russian regions on Thursday.

Putin reiterated that "the program of our joint actions was stated in detail in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly and I hope the regions already have their plans to fulfill its key provisions."

The president said the realization of the presidential decrees issued in May, including their social component, will continue with regard for the reality, external changes and changes inside the country.

"New challenges do not cancel our obligations to citizens. We are working for them," Putin said.

"Nothing unexpected has happened," Putin said.

"The crisis was predictable and the necessary measures are being taken to stabilize the situation this year," Putin said.

The government's plan on priority measures to ensure stable economic development and social stability has been developed and approved, Putin said.

The funding allocated for the implementation of this plan will be used for the recapitalization of banks, supporting the agrarian and industrial sectors, and stabilizing the labor market.

"Special attention was given to the situation on food and other essential goods markets. I am asking you to monitor the situation to take timely measures. We know about the growing prices. And the events taking place outside and in the economy are not always the cause of the growth that we are seeing," the president said.

"We can't let anyone speculate on problems," Putin said.

Putin recalled that the government has allocated funding for compensation for the increase of prices on imported medication.

"Every region should also promptly make plans of action, in the economy and the social sphere. Many of the people who are now present here did that in 2008-2009," Putin said.

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