Kiev not commenting on arms supplies agreements with foreign countries

Ukraine is fully entitled to defend itself, and therefore there are no grounds for restricting supplies of foreign weapons, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

"In keeping with the UN Charter, Ukraine has an inalienable right to self-defense, and it will use any possible means […] to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity," Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebyinis said at a news briefing in Kiev on Tuesday in commenting on a Russian Foreign Ministry statement saying Moscow was concerned about reported shipments of laser rangefinders to Ukraine by a Finnish company.

No international sanctions or embargo on shipments of any goods, including military ones, have been imposed on Ukraine, he said. "Ukraine is not commenting and will not comment on its agreements with other countries in connection with this," Perebyinis said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that it was "greatly surprised" to learn about the Finnish government's decision of February 26 to permit the Noptel company to export 1,000 LRF200 rangefinders to Ukraine, which can be used to equip fire control systems and firearms.

"This move […] will not be conducive to the interests of peace and stability in Ukraine, least of all today, when, as a result of quite difficult efforts, there have emerged indications of progress toward a peaceful settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict under the Minsk agreements sealed in UN Security Council Resolution 2202," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

"Supplies of potential elements of lethal weapons may essentially be interpreted in Kyiv as direct support for the line of the party of war," it said.

"This decision of the Government of Finland runs against assurances by the leadership of that country of its allegiance to the peace process in Ukraine, and against Finland's commitments on arms supplies, and is deeply regrettable," the statement said. "Finland's actions run counter to its international commitments on armaments export control," it said.

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