Suspect's mother rejects Nemtsov murder charges brought against her son

Boris Nemtsov murder suspect Zaur Dadayev's mother has rejected the charges brought against her son and nephews.

 "I was informed today that my son Zaur Dadayev had been detained on suspicion of involvement in Boris Nemtsov's murder. I can't believe it. He could not have committed this crime," Aaimani Dadayeva told Interfax on Saturday.

She said her son had served in the Chechen law enforcement agencies for the past ten years, including in Battalion North.

"My son and my nephews are adults. They are over 30. I don't believe they could have committed such a crime. My nephews, the Kubachevs, have been working in Moscow. I have not heard anyone say they were involved in illegal deals," Dadayeva said.

She also said that her son had been fighting against the Wahhabis and criminal armed groups with law enforcement services. "He served honestly to the Fatherland. He could not have committed such a crime," she said.

Opposition campaigner, ex-deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov was killed in central Moscow early on February 28. Federal Security Service chief Alexander Bortnikov said on Saturday that two murder suspects had been detained - Anzor Kubashev and Zaur Dadayev, both of them natives of the Caucasus.

The business daily Kommersant cited online media which quoted Ingushetia Security Council acting secretary Albert Barakhayev as saying that Anzor Kubashev was detained in the Malgobek district on March 6 and Zaur Dadayev in the Nazran district on March 5.

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