Five suspects identified in Nemtsov murder

On Sunday the number of people suspected of organizing and perpetrating the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov grew from three to five. Anna Fadeyeva, press secretary of Moscow's Basmanny Court, announced that two men identified only by their last names of Bakhayev and Eskerkhanov have been detained in connection with the killing along with a brother of one of the initial suspects. 

According to Fadeyeva, acting chair of the court Natalia Mushnikova would handle the motions for the arrest of the initial suspected assassins, Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev. While the the motion for the arrest of Anzor Gubashev's brother Shagid Gubashev and the two new suspects, Bakhayev and Eskerkhanov, will be handled simultaneously but by another judge.

Also on Sunday, the Basmanny Court ruled that Zaur Dadayev would stay in detention until April 28, 2015, at the earliest, an Interfax correspondent reported from the court.

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