Russia to build gas pipeline through Macedonia

Source: Press photo

The Stroytransgaz company, which was scheduled to participate in the construction of the Bulgarian section of the South Stream gas pipeline, will construct a new pipeline in Macedonia, preserving some of the planned South Stream course.

The Klechovtse-Negotino pipeline will cost about $75 million and is intended to eventually connect the Balkan countries with the pipeline through Turkey that has replaced South Stream. Macedonia will invest $15 million in the project; the remaining $60 million will be deducted from the debt owed by the former Soviet Union to the former Yugoslavia, as calculated under the Skopje agreements.

Construction work could begin as early as this month with the first stage 61 km stage leading to the town of Stip. The pipeline will eventually be extended another 60 km to connect to Greece’s gas transit system. At the moment, Macedonia receives gas from Russia via Bulgaria as part of the transit through Ukraine. The new pipeline will increase the supply of Russian gas to Macedonia.

First published in Russian by Kommersant

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