54 sailors dead as Russian trawler sinks off Kamchatka

The Dalny Vostok freezing trawler wreck is the worst maritime accident in recent years in the Russian Far East.

The Dalny Vostok freezing trawler wreck is the worst maritime accident in recent years in the Russian Far East.

According to the latest update from rescue services, 54 sailors died and 15 were announced missing in the wreck which happened in the Sea of Okhotsk, 300 kilometers south of Magadan, in the early morning hours of Thursday. Sixty-three crewmembers of the Dalny Vostok trawler survived the disaster.

The vessel had 132 people onboard when it sank. They include 78 Russian citizens and 54 citizens of other states: Myanmar, Ukraine, Latvia and Vanuatu.

About ten survivors are in serious condition.

Most of 132 crewmembers of the Dalny Vostok trawler that sank in the Sea of Okhotsk are Russians, and 54 are foreign nationals, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said. The ministry website published a list of the trawler crew. Twenty-three out of 78 Russians resided outside the home country, it said.

Most foreigners come from Myanmar (42). The ship also had nine citizens of Ukraine, five of Vanuatu and three of Latvia onboard.

Sixty-three crewmembers have been rescued, including seven in serious condition. Rescuers have also found 54 bodies.

There have been a number of maritime accidents in the Russian Far East in recent years.

The Kolskaya rig sank in a storm in December 2011 while being towed across the Sea of Okhotsk with 67 people onboard. Fourteen were rescued, and 53 died. Only 14 bodies were found.

The Ametist trawler went missing with a crew of 23 in 2011. The vessel owned by KamchatNIRO was fishing crab. The last contact with the captain was on February 10. The search was futile. Neither the vessel nor wreckage was found.

The Chance-101 ship sank on January 26, 2013, in the Sea of Japan, not far from the town of Svetloye, off the Primorsky territory. Fifteen out of 30 crewmembers (eleven Russians and four Indonesians) were found alive. The rest died in the wreck.

The South Korean fishing trawler Oryong-501 sank 117 miles off the Chukchi autonomous region in December 2014. It had 60 people onboard, citizens of South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines and a Russian fisheries inspector. Seven persons, among them the Russian, were rescued.

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