Khloponin has highest revenue among government officials

Alexander Khloponin, deputy prime minister and former head of Norilsk Nickel (MOEX: GMKN), leads in the amount of revenue among government officials for 2014.

Alexander Khloponin, deputy prime minister and former head of Norilsk Nickel, leads in the amount of revenue among government officials for 2014.

According to a report on the revenues and property of federal officials published on Wednesday, Khloponin made 280.6 million rubles ($5.55 million) in 2014, and his revenue plus his wife's revenue reached almost 290 million rubles ($5.74 million) against 77.1 million rubles ($1.53 million) in 2013.

Igor Shuvalov, who topped the list of government officials in revenues (including the revenues of his wife, who is also a beneficiary of the 'blind trust' managing the first deputy prime minister's assets) for several years in a row, including in the past two years, did not even get into the top five. Shuvalov's declared revenue for 2014 was 9.2 million rubles ($182,000) and the revenue of his wife Olga was 42.9 million rubles ($849,400).

In a recent meeting with the editors-in-chief of media organizations in Interfax, Shuvalov said that all his and his wife's assets had been transferred to Russian jurisdiction and the funds are being invested through a trust management mechanism similar to 'blind trust'. The decrease in the Shuvalov's revenues reflects the situation on the Russian market: the prices of securities and real estate decreased in 2014, so the picture is logical and clear, a source on the financial market told Interfax.

Khloponin is followed by Open Government Minister Mikhail Abyzov. In 2014, Abyzov, who created the engineering group E4, declared his revenue as 222 million rubles ($4.4 million) and his wife declared 8 million rubles($158,400) (in 2013, their joint revenue reached 283 million rubles - $5.6 million). The revenue of Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev and his wife reached some 180 million rubles ($3.56 million) against 156.5 million rubles ($3.1 million) in 2013.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich declared his revenue as 5.7 million rubles ($113,000) and his wife declared 49.8 million rubles ($98,600) (against a total of 46 million rubles ($910,800) in 2013).

The revenues of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov are stable: he has made 113.5 million rubles (120.4 million rubles ($2.4 million) with his wife's revenue) against 109.5 million rubles ($2.17 million) in 2013.

The revenues of the family of Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky also remained as high as they were in 2013. The main contribution to the family revenue was made by the minister's wife, who made 82.4 million rubles ($1.63 million), while Medinsky only made 15.8 million rubles ($312,000). The couple made 98.2 million rubles ($1.94 million) in 2014 against 97.2 million ($1.92 million) in 2013.

The revenues of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov have somewhat decreased: he and his wife made a total of 38 million rubles ($752,000) against 41.2 million in 2013. The revenues of Trade and Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev decreased more considerably: from 85.7 million rubles ($1.7 million) in 2013 to 51.5 million rubles ($1.02 million) in 2014.

The wives of many government officials make much more money than their husbands. The most high-earning wives are the wife of Sergei Prikhodko, the head of the Cabinet administration (119 million rubles ($2.36 million) for 2014, while her husband's revenue is only 10.1 million rubles ($199,900), and the wives of Medinsky, Dvorkovich, and Shuvalov.

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